1/3 A Day And a Microsecond In Space.

Its cold outside. The rain pounds on the roof, first softly like an infant’s heartbeat , then mildly like a practise session of a tap dance beginner. Not long, the pitter patter is replaced by angry drops of rain. 

The mothers lull their toddlers to sleep. The vegetables outside sprout a centimetre taller. A kettle hums gracefully in a kitchen. 

Out in the city, teenage girls queue at the door of a famous abortionist. Temperatures sore up the chats again, and in Antarctica, another iceberg broke, scientists say. Chicken farms feed antibiotics to their chicken. Too much fertiliser in the tea estates out in kericho. This humans!

Out in the ET, the aliens brunch on a cocktail of glass and molten aluminium. Millennial aliens throw some shade on pop culture. Here, there is no dirty politics. No terrorist attacks.  The atheists and christians watch a sombre human documentary on religious wars and prosecution. A young mother, wipes her tears in sorrow. 

The alien fathers  gulp on fancy shots of tap water amidst a game of chess. The heterosexual and homosexual teenagers play squash out in space.

The Alien strategists and Logicians layout the invasion plan. Earth is not hard to take over. 

You just divide,invade, then rule this fuckers. 



3 thoughts on “1/3 A Day And a Microsecond In Space.

  1. We are split
    Divided worse by our greed
    Our selfish desires.
    Viva LA Vida
    Peace be with you with daggers aimed at peoples backs.
    What have we become. Tell them
    Tell them
    An invasion is looming


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