I know God,i know Jesus, i know the holy spirit, the Bible, the garden of Eden and the cunning serpent. I know Jacob, Esau, Pharaohs, I know Egypt. I know religion, Godliness, i know hypocrites, i know liars, i know matyrs.

I know Kanye, i know Kendrick Lamar, i know rap, i know trap. I know Papa Jones, Sauti sol, Sarabi. 

I know humanity, i know rights, i know responsibilities. I know social injustice, i know the constitution, i know corruption and dirty politicians, i know stunted policies, i know unfair laws, i know my dabbing president.

I know medicine, i know drugs. I know illegal importations.

I know hungry children, angry fathers, overworked mothers. I know raped women and men. I know ignored youth. I know the handicapped. I know cancer, i know HIV/AIDS, i know transgenders, i know homosexuality, i know sodomy, i know incest.

I know sex, pornography. I know 50 shades of Gray. I know prostitution, i know sex slavery. I know contraceptives, abortion, miscarriages, i know still births. I know maternity wards.

I know love, romance, realationships,heartbreaks. I know birthdays, weddings. I know relatives. I know friends, i know relative friends, true friends, fake friends. I know friends with benefit. I know neighbours, i know good neighbours. I know hommies.

I know good food, good music.I know Muthoni The Drummer Queen, I know her ample bossom,I  know Papa Wemba, I know Pablo Picasso,and Da Vinci. I know Mafikizolo. I know Umkhonto We Sizwe. I know Dedan Kimathi, and Tom Cholmondely. I know the year the railway reached Mombasa,the year the British flag came down.

I know lies,i know trust, i know family, betrayal. I know tears, i know emotions, i know ignorance and pretence. I know lust, and envy. 

 I know you, i know me.  I know you. I know me. I know life, i know the difference between a heart and a soul.

I know the earth is round. I know oxygene. I know eternal life, i know zombies.

I know, i know. 

I know Mars,i know Jupiter. 

I know were wolves,i know vampires i know lycans, but i believe in Aliens.


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