On a night like this.

As the sun goes down over Africa, and dark creeps in like an unwelcome but expected guest, the owls put their mascara on. It is going to be a long night. Out in the fields, teenage crickets mock the ode de joy.

  Solitude,silence and stealth.

Somewhere above, the ozone layer is depleting.The political clowns exchange cases of faithfuly new crisp currency uptown. A child yells at its mother and the father walks out. In a kitchen downstairs, the milk burns to charcoal.

Two kilometers out of town, two homosexual gods make love hungrily. Love is a want and a need that has to be compromised. As the two sink in each others juices, and indulge in the forbidden fruit hungrily,a couple tries for a a child the 100th time, as another wrestle each other to the ground.
In the next town, in a posh upmarket home, a sad lady signs divorce papers tearfully staining her smooth sagy eyes with eyeliner.Her old skin glitters like it  spent a night in an oven baking and she smells like freshly packed soap. Now she has nothing to look forward to; except maybe spending eternity in  a gold casket preserved like an Egyptian god.

Two robbers are gunned down by a squad of police officers, and a family of six is reported dead after a serious fire in the hood.

The night slowly grows on, tired and weary of this mundane routine.

A young woman lies in bed next to a sweaty child. In the dark, she plays with the childs torn underwear and toys with the idea of the ideal future of this toddler. Suddenly, anger gets to her as a thought flashes her head.

Paedophiles belong to the hottest and most severe part of hell. The rapists too ,

and the girl who gave sliced peach to her boyfriend.

The boyfriend too. 



17 thoughts on “On a night like this.

  1. Loved this piece. Felt like looking at a painting about the dark, haunting, visceral side of night and romance. Maybe something about fragmentation on the other side of unity, or vice versa.

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      1. William Blake is a legend, in his own right. Do you indulge in some Tony Mochama?
        I do enjoy his writing..

        The next one is totaaly coming, waiting for yours too!:-). I hope they stopped inviting you to random weddings btw:-D:-D..


  2. Your work is lit
    Damn them stereo types
    All we need is ink and paper make life out of letters breathe out of vowels and stories out of emotions so those who don’t read articles by men let them know that they miss mind blowing stuff

    Oh and that’s some writing over there. Keep up the imagination. I’ll read some more

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  3. Nice piece.
    Every moment is occupied by an activity in any location where there is a human mind.
    Some things are cruel, others are pleasant while some are just there.
    Whatever it is that happens, time keeps ticking and life goes on.
    Everybody hopes that evil is judged and the good rewarded.
    What a world!
    Keep those imaginations flowing. You are good, I can’t stop saying it.

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  4. Hey…
    I knew you had it in you…
    Wonderful pieces
    I actually visually every scene in my mind and feel every emotion
    Your work is so real
    And BTW words have power
    Keep up the good work
    I am now a die hard fan

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